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Rollerskate classes




Every Thursday evening!



18:30 - 19:45 BEGINNER BASICS

- In this class we’ll help you get the skatepark basics down: pumping, jumps, 180’s & other basic tricks!

- At the end of the classes you will feel safe and more confident in the skatepark. 

- For this class you have to be able to comfortably skate flat forward, backwards & stop on your skates. 



- In this class you'll learn how to level up your parkskating: solid stalls, airs, 180/360’s & other parkskate tricks! 

- At the end of the classes you unlocked new skills and know how to incoorperate more technique to your parkskating and tricks. 

- For this class you have to be able to pump in a ramp, skate fakie & do small jumps. 



Skatepark ‘House of Urban Sports’: Willinklaan 5, 1067SL Amsterdam 


- Our classes will take place at the one and only indoor skatepark of Amsterdam: House of Urban Sports! A huge skatepark with small, medium and big ramps. Movable obstacles like manny pads, ledges & boxes. And a very nice and cozy mini-ramp.  

- You can come early to prepare and change into your skategear before the class starts. The bar will be opened every evening for a snack or drink, there are toilets & there’s free parking.



Our parkskate classes are for all beginner rollerskaters who want to learn how to shred the skatepark! Yes, you! The rookie who is new to the skatepark, but wants to learn how to roll those ramps. Check our Beginner Basics classes.  

And for you: the parkskate beginner who wants an extra eye and technical feedback on their stalls, airs and 360’s. Check our Beginner Next Level classes!



Single lesson (new!)     = 37,50        Buy your ticket here

Bundle of 3 lessons      = 99,-     Buy your bundle here


Terms & conditions

By buying a ticket on the website for a Parkskate Class, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated here below.

Safety & liability
- Wearing all safety gear is mandatory while participating in the Parkskate Classes.
- TDS & Valentina are not liable for any injury or loss of personal items during the Parskate Classes.

Tickets and cancellation
- Tickets are valid for the date they are bought for, ie the original date.
- If the participant wants to cancel a class, they need to do so in time, at least 2 hours in advance and via mail: [email protected]
- If the cancellation is due to illness or injury, the ticket will be valid for next week’s class, after that it will expire.
- A ticket can be transferred to somebody else, only for the original date. Please inform us via email and in time.

Cancellation by TDS & Valentina
- If a Parkskate Class is cancelled by TDS & Valentina due to circumstanses out of their control, the participant can redeem their cancelled class ticket within the timeframe of 1 month.
- If the Parkskate Classes are cancelled by TDS & Valentina for more than a month, the participant will receive a full refund for all valid tickets with a class date in that timeframe.

- We may take photos or video material during a Parkskating Class. This visual material is intended for internal use and also marketing purposes (including Parkskate Classes newsletters, flyers, (TDS) website and social media).
- Please let us know if you do not want to be photographed or filmed.
- The rights of all Parkskate Classes are vested in Valentinaisvalentina.

- If you are not satisfied, have an urgent question or if you want to discuss something, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] Following your email, we will contact you to discuss and find a solution.

- If you have a question about the content of the Parkskate Classes or parkskating in general, contact Valentina: [email protected] or 06-39494433.
- If you have a question about payment, tickets or cancellation, contact Job: [email protected]






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