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Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help with specific questions? We're always happy to help you! Before you contact us, check the frequently asked questions below, maybe the answer is right there! Best way to contact us is via email: [email protected]


"How do I know if you have a skate (or other item) in stock?"
If you select the size on the webshop you can see if that size is in stock in the shop. Anything in the shop is also on the website. If it is not in stock on the webshop it is not in stock in out physical shop.

"Can I pay with cash at the shop?"
Unfortunately you can nolonger pay with cash at the shop. We prefer PIN/debit card and will also accept credit cards.

“I forgot something on my order, can I add it?”
You can email us to let us know you want something added. As soon as you get our ok, you can go to the webshop and order the desired item(s) and select "pick up" for no additional shipping fee. We will put everything in the same shipment.

The shipping fee paid on the first order might not always be enough, elbow pads do not fit in a 'brievenbuspakketje' and for shipping outside NL a weight limit might apply. So possible you need to pay some extra shipping; we will let you know.

“Can you hold items?” 
We do not hold or reserve any items.

"I’m new to roller skating! How do I start?"
Let’s find out your skate size first! Check out our instructions on how to do this under "Size info". Secondly, read the descriptions on the website. We put a lot of effort into the descriptions so you have all the basic info right there.

This is an option as a way to stand in line available for some items. There is a wait time depending on the item pre-ordered. The wait time, if known, is stated in the description. Wait times are not guaranteed and only an estimation and could be longer. 


“Indoor vs. outdoor roller skates”
All roller skates can be made to go either inside or outside. The durometer and the type of the wheels determine this.


"What’s the difference between one high-top/classic model and the next one?"
Rollerskate boots can be defined based on a couple of important specs. For one, the stiffness of the boot and the material that is used are very important. For example, the Riedell 120 boot is made of leather on the outside but has an inside of synthetic fabric. The Riedell 220 and more expensive models are entirely made of the finest leather. It may take a while to break in a full leather boot, but after a while, it will fit your foot like a glove. Another big factor is the last of the skate boot. For example, the Riedell 220 boot has quite a narrow front compared to the Riedell 120 boot so not every foot will fit in this model. The amount of ankle support is variable as well.

The more affordable skates usually have a vinyl boot, these also break in, will mould a bit less than a leather boot but usually have a good feel straight out of the box. Good examples are the Moxi Beach Bunny and the Chaya Melrose skates.

"What wheels do I need?"
This depends on your personal style and preference and type of skating, but also on the surface. Wheels vary in hardness, compound, width, and height. In general, the smaller the wheel the more freedom of movement, so more agility. But you will also be a bit closer to the ground, and that gives stability. The bigger the wheel the more speed you can generate, so more suitable for longer distances. Harder wheels are good for smooth indoor surfaces and for the skatepark; soft wheels are good for skating outdoors and rougher surfaces.


"Do you have all boot models in stock?"
We are working hard to have boots of all models and sizes in stock but we aren't there yet. The ones we do have are mostly boot-only so you will not be able to skate on them but it will give you the chance to feel if this is your kind of boot and if the size is right. In some cases we won't be able to let you try your size, we may have to order it for you.


"Do you also mount plates to boots that weren’t purchased at TDS?"
When you buy a complete set (boot and plate), mounting the plate is always included in the price. Due to time issues we currently only mount boots and plates (previously) bought at TDS.

"Can I call TDS?"
I do pick up the phone when I can, but since this is a one-person shop it does happen alot that I can't.  The best way for you to reacht the shop is by using the contact form here on the right or writing an email. This is the number if you do want to call: 020-3343917

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